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8/22 Release!


Gyan Gyavulcan: Remodeling Work by 刊太 Photoreview Full Size Images [WIP too]

Yesterday I went to the movies to catch a screening of DBZ: Battle of Battle of Gods. I didn’t have time to Prime Up, so I threw on the first Spider-Man shirt I could grab and hauled butt cheeks to make it to the theatre in time. As I’m walking up to the theatre I see a dude wearing a DC villains shirt getting out of his car. It was a cool looking Legion of Doom-ish shirt so I did something I normally don’t do and I call out to the guy, “Like that shirt, playa.”

He turns around and goes, “Uh, thanks…Hey, I like YOUR shirt.”

“Why thank you.” I say thinking that was it and still having the Dragonball Zs on my mind.

But he slows down and waits for me to get side by side with him and starts walking with me. “That’s my favorite superhero.” He says with a mile wide grin.

Trying to fight through my social anxiety, I say to him, “That’s cool; he’s my second favorite superhero.”

“Who’s your first?” He asks with a head tilt.

“Superman.” I reply with a confident and knowing nod.

“I’m sorry.” He frowns back.

Sorry for what? I don’t know, I didn’t ask because after that I was 100% done with that conversation, but he kept going.

“I don’t really like DC.” He says trying to keep pace with me.

“Uh huh.” I shrug.

“I just like the Joker,” He motions to the Clown Prince of Crime plastered front and center on his shirt. “And Batman.”

“Of course you do,” I offer a glance at the smiling white face centered on his shirt. “Just like everyone else. Of course you do.”

“Well, um, I don’t like them because of the movies.” He defensively reacts. “I think the comics are better written.”

“Is that right?” I side-eye him as we near the theatre doors.

Without a second word, he breaks off from me and goes to stand at the far right of the entrance to wait on his friends.  This is why I usually mind my own damn business in public because I run into folk like him. Why do I only meet Marvel  is Better/DC is Better friendos in public? I don’t understand why I can’t meet one person with a shred of respect and common sense. I just want to talk comics without bias, is that so much to ask? 



Superman & Wonder Woman 


In Atlantis.


Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon [x]


Virtual Console is awesome again ⊟

Nintendo has trickled out a few Virtual Console classics in recent months, but today’s U.S. releases are exceptionally nice! On the Wii U, we now have Super Mario Kart (SNES), Mega Man 5 (NES), and awesome mecha action game Cybernator/Assault Suits Vaiken (SNES)!

The 3DS Virtual Console only gets one game, but it’s The Mysterious Murasame Castle, the first-party Famicom Disk System game that looks very much like the original Zelda, though it plays very differently. While the game never released outside of Japan in its original form, it’s featured in recent titles like Samurai Warriors 3, Nintendo Land, and the new Smash Bros.

In other eShop news, Steel Diver: Sub Wars also received an update with new local Friend Battle stages, unlockable subs and crew members, and, finally, features for battling with friends online.

GIFs are via Laser Lobotomy, Brain Trash, Rabid Rodent, and VG Junk.

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BANSHEE NORN | れごlith [pixiv]

Progress #wip #klk #ryuko #senketsu #cosplay #coswork


Progress #wip #klk #ryuko #senketsu #cosplay #coswork


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